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Welcome to Prisoners Of Iron Fitness

I am a Certified Fitness Trainer and Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach through the International Sports Sciences Association specializing in Sport Specific Training and Founder/Owner of Prisoners Of Iron Fitness (POI), which is a positive fitness movement in the community that focuses on building a better community, by building better people through fitness. I have had experience working with young athletes ages 7 through 22 to improve their strength, speed, agility, and endurance for the past 6 years by personally working with them in the weight room. I am a 2x HS Track State Qualifier and played Division 2 Football at Bloomsburg University. I am a firm believer that there are two aspects to fitness which is physical and mental and through my unique fitness programs I aim to prepare athletes on all levels for the next stage of their career physically as well as mentally.

Training Services 

Sports Specific Training

1 on 1 fitness and sports performance training. Workouts designed specifically for athletes who are looking to become bigger, faster, and stronger in any given sport ranging from 11yr olds to college athletes.

 Speed and Agility Training

 Designed to work with athletes of any sport in the mechanics of linear speed, agility and multi-directional quickness.  Focuses on acceleration, improving maximum velocity, and the correct technique needed for sprinting and running.  Athletes will learn the appropriate movement patterns necessary to have a more explosive first step and improve top-end speed.

High School Combine  Improvement Training

Increase Linear Speed and Acceleration

(Lower your 40-yard dash time)

Maximize reaction time &Change of Direction Quickness. 

Become more Powerful and Explosive

Weight Training for Speed Development

Improve Flexibility and Stamina 


-40 Yard Dash

-5-10-5 Shuttle Drill

-L Drill

-Vertical Jump

-Broad Jump

Girls Advanced Speed and Strength Training

Speed Session( 45mins)

Speed and sprint mechanics

Linear speed and acceleration

Agility and first-step quickness

Acceleration and deceleration

Multi-directional agility

Lateral quickness

Explosive power


Strength Session (45Mins)

Lower and Upper body power and strength

Maximal strength

Explosive strength

Flexibility, mobility, and stability

Muscular balance

Core strength

Injury prevention

Basketball Specific Speed Agility & Strength Training

In our one hour sessions, our basketball group training focus on preventing common basketball injuries, correcting bio-mechanical inefficiencies, and preparing these athletes to jump higher, change direction quicker, and sprint faster. With specific work to improve first step quickness, strength, power, and vertical leap, learning how to land and jump efficiently in order to move around the court and their opponents with speed and quickness. Increasing body awareness and confidence they work to stay ahead in the physical demands of basketball. This foundational training leads to a solid developed athlete ready to dominate on the court now and in the future. Through the use of programmed movement training, core stability, balance, and fun along with specific coaching and feedback on movements these athletes will outperform their competition on the hardwood.